No Mans Sky Starter Bundle – Units, Nanites, Salvaged Data PC, Steam XBOX,PS4 & PS5

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No Man’s Sky Starter Bundle

Normal, Survival, Permadeath or Expedition Mode

Hi there!

Need a quick influx of cash? We got you covered! This started bundle contains all you need to boost your game without hurting the gameplay at all. Enjoy the game with a quick boost!

What is included?

  • 4 Billion Units
  • 50,000 Nanites
  • 300 Salvaged Data
  • 150 Exosuit Expansion Units (Allows to expand the ExoSuit Storage)
  • 150 Storage Augmentations (Allows to expand starship inventory)
  • 150 Navigation Data
  • 9999 Carbon
  • 9999 Oxygen
  • 9999 Sodium
  • 9999 Cobalt
  • 9999 Di-Hydrogen
  • Any element at your request

How to get the Items?

  1. We will join the same Multiplayer game and meet at the space station. We will need your friend code to join you.
  2. We will send you 100 AI Valves. These are the most expensive item in the game and worth 50 Million each.
  3. They stack to 5. So you will need 20 free slots but if you don’t We’ll send you little by little as you sell.
  4. You can only have 4.2 Billion Units in the game at a time. So sell until you reach 4.2 Billion and stop.
  5. Store the rest of the AI Valves for later use.
  6. We will also send some upgrade modules which you can sell to get Nanites.
  7. Then We will send you all the other items.

What will you need?
You need to have enough storage. Don’t worry! You can build storage containers at your base. We’ll help you do it if you don’t know how to.

How to get the Friend Code?
Go to Menu -> Options -> Network -> Show My No Man’s Sky Friend Code

If you have any questions please send us a message.

2 reviews for No Mans Sky Starter Bundle – Units, Nanites, Salvaged Data PC, Steam XBOX,PS4 & PS5

  1. justinrherring

    Great service, fast delivery ! Will do business again

  2. Immethy

    Good stuff

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