No Mans Sky Best 48 Slot 4 Ball Hauler – XBOX, PC, Steam, PS4 & PS5

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No Mans Sky Best 48 Slot 4 Ball Hauler

Normal, Survival, Permadeath or Expedition Mode

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Hi there!

This listing is for No Man’s Sky Hauler Ships. You can select a hauler you like from the pictures provided in this listing. If you need any other type of a hauler or need different colors, please contact us first.

If you need a specific Hauler, please send us a picture / screenshot. We will try our best to get the exact one you are looking for.

Note: When trading the ship, it will have a random class and a random number of slots. We will send you Storage Augmentations to upgrade the ship. If you need instructions please let us know.

How to get your ship?
Once purchased we will meet in the Multiplayer game and I will trade the ship with you. I will give instructions on how to do it.
I will need your friend code to join you.

How to get the Friend Code?
Go to Menu -> Options -> Network -> Show My No Man’s Sky Friend Code

Do I get anything else other than the ship?
Yes! All the S-Class upgrades x 3 for it.

If you have any questions please send us a message.


1. Red & Blue, 2. Yellow, 3. White & Blue Glow Lights, 4. White & Blue, 5. Red & Green, 6. White & Silver

3 reviews for No Mans Sky Best 48 Slot 4 Ball Hauler – XBOX, PC, Steam, PS4 & PS5

  1. Nomad Gaming

    Thanks again!

  2. Tabsmeede

    Quick delivery. Exactly as described.

  3. smoodia

    Awesome service. would definitely recommend and instant receiving of service

    • ZT

      Thank you! ❤️

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