No Mans Sky 3 x S-Class Star Ship Upgrades – PC, Steam, Xbox, PS4, PS5

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No Man’s Sky S-Class Starship Upgrades

Normal, Survival Permadeath or Expedition Mode

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Hi there!

Need to upgrade your starship quickly? We got you covered! This bundle contains needed upgrade modules for a any type of starship. (Except for a Living Ship) Enjoy the game with a quick boost!

For PC, Steam, XBOX One, PS4 or PS5

What is included?

  • 3 x Hyperdrive Module
  • 3 x Pulse Engine Module
  • 3 x Infra-Knife Module
  • 3 x Photon Cannon Module
    3 x Starship Shield Module
  • 3 x Phase Beam Module
  • 3 x Positron Module
  • 3 x Cyclotron Module

Each node is genetically unique, and exact upgrade statistics are unknown until installation is complete.

How to get the Items?
We will join the same Multiplayer game and meet at the space station. We will need your friend code to join you.
Then We will send you all the items.

What will you need?
You need to have enough storage. 24 Free slots.

How to get the Friend Code?
Go to Menu -> Options -> Network -> Show My No Man’s Sky Friend Code

If you have any questions please send us a message.

2 reviews for No Mans Sky 3 x S-Class Star Ship Upgrades – PC, Steam, Xbox, PS4, PS5

  1. Andy

    Great service. Was fast and friendly.

  2. usadway

    Many thanks for a fast and wonderful trade experience. Please support this seller to help them achieve their life goals.

    • ZT

      Thank you! ❤️

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